Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Truth or Dare and a little Poison

(Once again posting a little late due to not getting internet connection in time)

The first week is over! FAST! Arun and I are tenderly spending Sunday recovering from a crazy night of partying Bombay style. I didn’t quite do what Arun did but I still feel totally wiped out. I don’t have the energy those girls have ;) Let me start at the beginning. At 3pm the apartment was descended upon by about 17 of the R&H girls..they brought all kinds of snacks and drinks and their excitement, giggles and colour. It was more female company than I had experienced since probably…. um… primary school? hehehe…. The guys from work had come earlier to set up a projector for the dvd player and were connecting our internet. They got Arun’s working but as they started on mine the girls started arrived and they were banished...boohoo… will I ever be connected to the world again? (Monday they say… fingers crossed)

We watched ‘Rang de Basanti’ that I had bought a few days earlier (watched with Arun who hadn’t seen in before). As it got to the most serious part Vani said ‘ok, too depressing, everyone has to strip’! Squeals of dismay! But she didn’t quite mean it… more 'pretending you were stripping'… so I put ‘Lady Marmalade’ on as loud as my little speakers could bare and Vani started to show us how to do it! We had the movie projected on us and the atmosphere was hilarious…everyone was shy but got into it and the performances were pretty funny and everyone clapped and hooted. I could see how these Indian girls can really let their hair down…couldn’t really see this happening at an LA party in the same way ;)

Next came Truth or Dare… everyone had at least one turn and most people actually took the dare! Vani came up with outrageous dares… we had people showing their underwear, pretending to make out with cushions, licking biscuits to turn us on,Vani
farting on command (!), and one girl mounting a chair like a motorbike and hugging the guy in front of her... amongst other things ;) It was really funny. The questions were hilarious too. I took Truth and was asked which guy at work I liked…… of course I answered (even though I have little knowledge of everyone yet) and got a lot of ‘Oooooohs’ when I replied..... hahahaha! It was all a hoot!

After that we had a treasure hunt organized for us…. A lot of fun. It had 3 teams of us running around the apartment looking for things frantically. One pair of socks, 3 stones, a red rose, 1000 rupee note (who has one of those!!), 2 hair bands... lots of things. Mayhem ensued! I suspect I am getting things out of order here. We continued
our Truth or Dare… and ended up in a ‘give Jude advise on how to get an Indian man’ session! Everyone had something to say! We played Dum Charades… which is Charades to us in the West…and my job was to give someone on either of the two teams an Indian film name for them to act out for the other team. It was really fun. (Oh shoot... I forgot 'Omkara', and 'Yuva' and 'Sarkar'! and .... and...!!) At the end they gave me five western film names for me to do. Challenging but fun! I’ve hardly ever played but they were really good so I didn’t have to act much before they got it! Phew ;)

We ordered pizzas (let me just mention that Dominos in India is so good! I would never eat it in the US but here it is pretty tasty!) at some point in all of this. People began to leave and we called poor banished Arun home. He had been asked to hang out at the other R&H apartment by Vani but by now it was nearly 9pm so he came home and there was only about 10 girls left. I convinced him to hang out with us… Vani tried her hardest to get him to strip…hehehe … the panic in his eyes was like an animal about to be caught by hunters ;) after much cajoling we finally let him be…though he did have 3 of us dragging him at one point. I can only think of 3 people who perhaps would done it.. probably Greg Yepes, Salar Saleh and Danny Speck could have been convinced…. haha..we’ll never know!

So…. we then had a conversation carrying on the earlier topic of Indian men and what they like etc… but this time from Arun’s perspective. He has told me a lot already, but the girls were fascinated to hear his point of view and really grilled him. He got some pretty tricky questions! Finally they decided it was time to go out. I was tired and my stomach was ..well…. how shall we put this delicately…hmm… ok…. Arun and I had gone to this great Kerala restaurant called Rice Boat on Friday night and the food was delicious but S-P-I-C-Y…. and I had started suffering from it about midday…. But,I wasn’t given a choice about going out. ;)

I convinced Arun to come along. The girls took a long time to get ready and we didn’t head out until around 11pm I guess. We had a driver in a Scorpio, and all 6 of us fit in with baggage. Traffic was heavy for a while but got better as we got closer
to Bandra. We drove through Juhu past lots of cool looking bars and into Bandra past the amazing looking JW Marriot (must go there one night!) until we found Poison…

reputedly the most happening club in Bandra. We pay and head in….. lots of people, pounding music, free drinks (more on that later..haha) and loads of young Mumbaikers (hey, I read this word somewhere ok? I don't *really* know if they call themselves that!) out for fun. We grab a piece of floor and dance ourselves crazy. The music was great… dance music that was a combo of western and Indian…. Perfect mix. Good DJ and lots of people to watch. It got more and more packed and started to get a little uncomfortable at times as people pushed into us…but we had fun. My stomach played up at one point… standing all that time was the problem.. I felt a bit dizzy after dancing like a maniac. But drinking water and visiting the loo seemed to help. Yeah yeah…TMI ;) It was actually quite a small club. Didn’t see that many good looking guys though… and the ones there were all had girls with them… bummer! ;) Arun was in luck though…. Many gorgeous women. He did not want to dance and began to drown himself in beer (Fosters no less!!! Blegh!) but Vani got him going eventually and he was having fun. He did forget his limit though and before he knew it he was on his 7th…8th…9th!!!!! I knew he was in for trouble. We left as the club was about to close after 2pm. Arun was not in a good way… I was so tired… but the young girls were ready to keep going! Hehehe…. I ain’t as young as I used to be. Plus the remains of jetlag and an upset stomach don’t really help… whahoo!

We were driving home when Arun had an emergency stop…. I need not say more. ;) we got in just before 3am. I gave Mum and Dad a call and crashed. A restless night and today
we have felt like trucks hit us…. though Arun worse than I for sure ;)

It has been a great week though. The apprenticeship programme is pretty much ready to go and we are settling in to the office very well. I think people are still a little shy to talk to us… but hopefully that will change. I just want to make some good friends very soon. We have been enjoying the food court at the InOrbit mall every day sooooo much! Man…. delicious. We’ve eaten out a couple of times and ordered in as well. Still tired but I know it will all change soon. Tomorrow week 2 begins… now for the real work!!

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