Friday, December 1, 2006

I remember this smell!

Well.... here I am in an Internet Cafe in Heathrow.... feeling much better. A little topsy turvy since I landed at 3am my time... but hey, I'm not complaining :) As the clouds parted and I saw little english row houses I suddenly felt a rush of excitement. It hadn't felt real before... certainly does now though. And then as I was walking through the concourse I got a whiff of the English air... crisp, clear..slighty scented... I don't even know what it is really. But I hadn't smelt it since 1979 when I was 10 and it came right back with a jolt. Happy making. :) Love those sense memory thingies. Smell does it more than anything for me.

Walked through to Passport control. Ok.... ahem.... we're not in Kansas anymore... this is nothing like American immigration, let me tell you! Nice young Indian girl asks me all about what I'm doing, where I'm going... I tell her India for 6 months. She asks me what I'll do there. Her eyes light up. She asks all about it. I tell her and joke that my dream is to meet Bollywood stars. She says "which one?" "Vivek Oberoi" - me. "Well, when you find 'im, bring back 'is bruvva for me" she says in her broad London brogue... (which you never expect coming from that gorgeous Indian face!) Yup.... this ain't LAX! (or maybe it is, if you get my drift).

And now... wandering around Heathrow. The faces here... unbelievable! I thought New York was a melting pot.... but it is NOTHING like this! Every race imaginable ... wonderful. I'm in Shangri La watching all this :) Such beautiful and exotic people... no wonder the English are unhappy about immigration... they are so plain and bland next to all these incredibly handsome and stunning people ;)

So... £6 for an hour of internet time, $2 american for a bottle of water and I have another 7 hours to kill before I take off for Mother India.


Anonymous said...

Heh! Loved the description of all the people and their good looks. Poor Poms - they don't stand a chance really, however nice they are!


DonJuanna said...

I think it's funny that you're going to India but lament that in LAX you're having the 'last chai latte' for a while :).
Thank you for being so diligent with your impressions and writing - it makes a huge difference, feel like I'm travelling along with you. I'm looking forward to entering that big 'melting pot' again. Lots a love, J-L x

tetujin said...

man, jude, it sounds like you're already having a blast! sorry about the migraine. :( sara and i were thinking about you last night, about youbeing up in the air, travelling away from us... we miss you already, but we're excited to be living vicariously through you! :)

gonna go eat bfast... talk to you soon!