Friday, December 1, 2006


[Entering these from London at an Internet Cafe]

Sitting at the Gate at LAX... it's 5:12 and I would have been leaving 3 minutes ago but we're delayed until 6:30pm. Works out ok really... less time in London now. Time is what I have on my hands - so I can spare a bit! It's been a an interesting day. Stressful start with this damn migraine making everything way more painful than I could really handle. But I'm taking shallow breaths and trying not to think about it. As I was standing in line waiting to take my shoes off and have everything scanned and looked at up and down and every which way, I started chatting to an Indian gentleman in front of me. He was born in Uganda, his wife born in Kenya. I ended up having a drink with them and such great conversation. Really nice people... they live in London. Nice beginning.

I'm now having my last chai latte for a while. Had a chat to Mum and Dad and met a sweet old Scottish lady at Starbucks on her way to New Zealand for 7 weeks. It feels like such a small world now.

I feel excited through this haze of hurt. I would prefer to send the pain to a different part of my body though. I vote for my big toe... or perhaps the back of my knee? Perhaps a small spot next to a fingernail. Right now it's where I live... and I can't concentrate.

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Nivedita said...

Hey Jude! Hope that migraine didn't last too long and that you made it to amchi Mumbai in one piece! Did you have to go to work on Monday? Waiting to hear about your first few days in Mumbai.. Take care!