Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nahee to dessert at Zenzi

A lazy day of nerding out with Arun... and when I say nerding out I really mean it. We were truly a part of the attention deficit disorder generation - tv on with the sound down for the cricket, ipod on with music blasting, and both of us with our laptops on our laps using our newly installed wireless dsl. Could we possibly have had any more media stimulation?? ;) Anyway... I digress.... after a day of that - we headed out for a night in Bandra - the centre of Bombay nightlife.

There is a backstory to the place we chose. An animation supervisor at R&H in LA, Erik De Boer, spent quite a while at our India office. He befriended a puppy outside the office building, which became orphaned. He would feed it and the guards knew about his growing relationship with the little street 'urchin'. One day... (I think the dog was 3 weeks old or so) the puppy was hit by a car and badly hurt. As Erik put it to me 'I had a choice - do I kill the dog now and put it out of its misery - or am I now a dog owner?' Well... you can guess the ending to the tale, right? So then.... the puppy is rushed to the vet and nursed back to health (with the help of a loving R&H office) and Erik takes her back to the US with him. Turns out it's extremely easy to bring a dog back from India... no real concerns for the rampant rabies or anything. who knew?! His favourite hangout while he was here was a bar/restaurant run by Dutch people (he is Dutch) called Zenzi... so that's what the dog was named. Hence we had to go see the place.

It's a block or two up the road from the club Poison we went to last Saturday night. We got there really early in Mumbai terms - most people eat out around 10pm here, so places don't start jumping until much later. We arrived around 8:15pm. It was very stylish but quiet. We had heard the music was good but nothing was playing while we were there. Had some good fish (pomfret) and tasty appetisers. The pork was so delicious. Only big downside for me was the other patrons were mostly white...and I have to say I am really enjoying being around only Indian people all the time. I don't want to go where the white people are ;) Especially since we had two bloody Aussie guys talking loudly next to us... spare me, pleeeze ..haha!

The desserts were not too interesting so we thought we could go somewhere else. I suggested the JW Marriott. It is a phenominal hotel..... quite the fanciest I've been in anywhere in the world... just so grand and full of people dressed in theie finest. Many restaurants - we went to an Italian one and sat at the bar and shareed a decadent chocolate sinful creation. Veeery good.

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