Thursday, November 27, 2008

black day

It's 26 hours since the terrorist attacks on Bombay started. They're still going. At least 125 people are still inside the Trident/Oberoi Hotels.. with several terrorists holding some hostage. There are fires in those hotels. The beautiful Taj is on fire in the dark and has been repeatedly blown up all day. 9 or 10 other places around the south of the city including the famous Leopolds have been attacked.

So far, 125 people are dead and 257 injured. Those numbers are sure to increase once this is over.

It has been a very ...


a terrible day.

Surreal scenes.. watching and watching. Places we used to go all the time. Would have been in a day or two. Memories now.

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tannaz said...

oh jude, i've been reading the awful updates on your facebook and throughout the internet, thought i'd stop by here, hoping you'd written a few words, and you have! kind of glum, this post and the last one, especially as we're just coming up from the post-thanksgiving coma stateside. thankfulness seems a tiny bit irrelevant though when your city is being blown up, doesn't it? anyway, you are certainly in my thoughts right now! (and i'm certainly happy you're writing once again -- even if under not so happy circumstances...keep it coming =)