Sunday, May 13, 2007

a little somethin' somethin'

...eeck... do I even qualify as a blogger at this rate? A month since my last post :( The guilt has been weighing me down... I must say. Not a huge number of 'quotable' things have happened ... but I have been busy and happy happy. It's all good. It's May now... the summer is HERE. People are telling me they feel the monsoons will come early this year...soon in fact. So I am proud of getting through the summer so far without any *freak* moments like I used to have in Perth... wanting to peel my skin off my body in heat panic. I am spoiled with a/c so how can I possibly complain anyway.

So the general schtuff that has been keeping me busy is all the interesting developments at work. Moving off my involvement with The Golden Compass, I have been immersed in the 2nd Lighting Apprenticeship programme. I missed my buddy in arms Arun... but I have gained a wonderful new friend in our educator at this office... my Guruji... Amit :) We had 2 great weeks of intense class teaching together.... and I watched him just flourish in his element. A natural teacher.... he made learning a pleasure. We had a blast together. I felt a clumsy git when I would chime in with my little blurbs here and there... none of the simplicity of explanation that he had! Ah well.... perhaps my talents lie in other places!

The class is now starting their mock production... a great bunch of folks, it's always freaky to put myself in that position of coming in to our studio and learning all this stuff cold. What a challenge! Jargon, tech issues and un-learning everything you have learned... haha.... how to push those brain cells to the limit babeeee! We've been working different hours... 11am to 7:30pm.... it's been different and a nice change. I have enjoyed sleeping in late! Been sleeping badly... but those late morning hours are good sleep. The morning auto ride is different. Hotter and much more traffic.... the roads are not waking up any more....everything is definitely alive and on the go by 10am!

Other than work... life has been a party! I had Jane from LA here for a while and we had a blast, though I had a sickness while she was here that stopped us from the real insanity I had promised her. Still it was amazing .... she is missed!! We both had birthdays while she was here. Now... it's been a while since I celebrated my birthday... just haven't felt 'in the mood' and been alone. Seemed a bit nuts to throw myself a party when I really didn't care and there wasn't family or anyone really close there anyway. But.... I have realised.... there is no such thing as a secret ignored birthday in India... hahaha! Talk about being made to feel special for a day! The office sends email out...and then a bazillion handshakes and emails later... I get called into the screening room for surprise cake, flowers and presents! ok... I admit... it was really lovely and once again I fell in love with everyone. How often can this happen? :) Jane got the same treatment.... we are spoilt... rotten!

Been getting some GREAT bike rides with friends...a selection of bikes. I have realised that even on the hottest day ... being on the back of a bike is rather cooling.... nice :) I am lousy at climbing on for some reason.... what's *that* about?... residual problems from those few horse riding lessons as a kid or something?? I mean...c'mon.. it's just a bike! I guess my midget status gives me trouble gettin' a leg over! hahaha :) At least I give prior warning - "this is gonna get wobbly for a moment as I clamber on!"

There's been dancing out late at clubs until we all collapsed, movies and food, and staying up all night talking to best friends. Life is truly peaking! :) I'll put the couple of things that require detail in separate posts.... but here ya go... something finally to chew on.

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