Tuesday, January 9, 2007

moments of thought

I wake at 6am with soft sounds of beauty... in the distance I can hear an imam calling the muslim people to prayers. It is low and constant and exotic... and my mind wanders in and out of sleep as I hear these wonderful sounds. This morning I was already awake and not able to sleep, so I called my parents in Canada to tell them about what I was hearing and how special it was. My lovely surprise in return was two haiku poems my Mum had written. The first one was particularly touching... it was one for me.

In one brief moment
life can spin out of orbit
from joy or sorrow

Nothing need more be said, I think. :)

The second... I leave for you to ponder on...

Waves upon the shore
sing sad songs from distant lands -
listen carefully

Thankyou Mum..... xxx



loved the first haiku

Anonymous said...

How sweet, and unexpected!

M. xx

erin doyle said...

Jude--so wonderful to read of your adventures. I found you linked from Juan's journal and wanted to give a wave from LA! Best wishes for the new year in your new surroundings. They seem to suit you brilliantly. :D I look forward to reading more...